Benjamin Suzzoni

PhD Student in Theoretical Physics at the University of Southampton

Suzzoni Picture

\( \omega = d\alpha + d^\dagger\beta + \gamma \)
\(d\gamma = d^\dagger\gamma = 0\)

Research interests

AdS/CFT - M-Theory - SUGRA

Under the supervision of Andy O'Bannon and together with Pietro Capuozzo, we are currently interested in computing the holographic entanglement entropy of CFTs with defects. In the context of String Theory and AdS/CFT, these are holographically described by brane configurations in which some branes end on others.

The curious among us might ask: "why do we care?". If one were to ask me this question I would probably roll my eyes in disbelief before suggesting the following:

For those who wish for more details you can head to the My Research section of the website.

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Latest papers on on the arXiv


2016 - 2020: MPhys University of Manchester: Physics with Astrophysics

The University of Manchester

2020 - 2021: MSc Imperial College London: QFFF

Imperial College London

2021 - PhD University of Southampton: Theoretical Physics

University of Southampton

\( S_{\text{EE}} = A(\gamma_{\text{RT}}) / (4G_N) \)

Summer Schools and Conferences

Spring School on Superstring Theory and Related Topics


Reconstructing the Gravitational Hologram with Quantum Information - Training Week




Gravity@Prague 2022

Charles Bridge

\(\int_{\mathcal{M}}d\omega = \int_{\partial\mathcal{M}}\omega\)



Astrophotography consists in capturing images of stellar objects. The scope of possible targets ranges from the whole Milky Way, with landscape astrophotography, to the faintest and smallest objects in the night sky, with deep-sky astrophotography. My main interest relies in the latter. Whenever I find the time I set up my telescope to capture some of these faint celestial objects. Below you can see four pictures I took with a DSLR through my 1500mm focal length telescope.

M42 M33 NGC1435 M27
You can see more details about my astro-ventures in the Astro section.


I also enjoy programming quite a bit. I am clearly far from being a good programmer but I have, nevertheless, experienced programming in many languages: C++, JS, Python, Wolfram Language.
Here a few examples of projects I have coded:


I've been practicing gymnastics for many years now. I'm not immensely good at it but I enjoy it, and that's all that matters.


Blender is a free software for modeling, animating and rendering. One can use it to create photorealist art or fun 2D animations.
Lately, I haven't been using Blender that much but here's my favorite render from a few years ago.

Cute Warrior Monthly Challenge